12th August 2014 - We're Official! :-)

The Australian Arts Party has just received registration approval from the Australian Electoral Commission, thanks to the support of citizens from across the country. It is also the first political party in Australia where crowdfunding was the primary tool in its creation. 

“I am delighted to announce that, as of today, a new party exists, dedicated to ensuring that art, culture and creativity become an integral part of a shared Australian future" said PJ Collins, the registered officer and Leader of the Party. 

“We believe investing in the Australian people and Australian communities is the best way to guarantee future prosperity for us all and that is what we’re going to make happen,” says Collins. “Australia’s already a great country – working together, we can make it even better.”

The party founders used Indiegogo to crowdfund support for the party—raising close to $20,000 from founding members. It also used an effective social media campaign on facebook to find supporters.

The party is based on four founding principles:

  • More support for Australia’s artists and audiences
  • Encouraging our creative industries and individual creativity
  • Strengthening our communities though artistic and cultural events
  • Boosting education and lifelong learning opportunities for all Australians

Mr Collins continued, 'I also want to acknowledge the hard work of all the party organisers leading to this point, in particular Nicholas Gledhill, the party secretary, for his invaluable work online and behind the scenes. We are all incredibly excited to be given this opportunity, to trail blaze a political party that champions creativity and the arts, and are keen to get on with the job.'

To contact the party, please visit the Contact page on this website.

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