by Eido Boru, a Brisbane Bard

Tasman Land

South Isle Oz

Gonna be famous

Simply because

They will be

First to elect

The Arts Party

One member will do

For the balance of power

A Tassie Coup

Making the pollies cower

Up goes a statue

Of our Errol Flynn

As a celebration

Of the Arts Party win

Art will appear

All over Tassie towns

Banksy will visit

His graffiti will abound

People will dance

Happily in the streets

Kids will Hip Hop

And stamp their feet

We'll save the trees

From overseas devastation

Cultivate honey bees

We'll be a sweet nation

The Dalai Lama will come

For a meditation roam

The Pope will send

Blessings from his throne

Poets will write about

The mountain greenery

And Haiku praise

The magnificent scenery

Mad Max will search

For the elusive Tiger

He'll find it too

Using an Apple geiger

Tassie will have

Its own AFL team

Thrashing the mainland

With scores obscene

Opera and Rap

In all local halls

Free acting classes

For one and all

The world will visit

And stare in awe

Artistic Tassie

They will adore.

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