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The Arts Party was crowdfunded into existence in late 2014 through popular support - the only Australian political party that ever has been. We are a fresh new positive voice working for the betterment of all Australians. 

Our aim is to create a political voice in our governments, devoted to encouraging a more creative, cultural, educated and artistic life for all Australians. We want to reprioritise the arts and our human creativity as central in the future prosperity of this country.

Creativity and the Arts are not a left thing or a right thing, they are an everything in how we work together, see ourselves, and make a better tomorrow.

Our politicians, for too long, have treated the artistic and cultural life of Australians as an unnecessary, optional extra. We’ve watched the progressive downgrading of music and the arts in our childrens’ education. We’ve watched cut after cut to cultural organisations and community events funding. We’ve watched the Creative Industries Councils dismantled, digital and innovation funding wiped out, the collapse of a once thriving film industry, and access to live music disappearing across the country. Enough is Enough!

We believe that human beings are essentially creative, social and curious. We should elect and expect governments that help us explore our potential and enable us to be the best version of "us" we can be. We want to work with every other party for the common good. We aim to be part of the new solutions, not the current problems, with how this country is governed.

It's time Australians had a party worth giving a positive vote to, not continuing to choose the 'least worst option' at each election.

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Interview with Melanie Tait on ABC Radio National, September 2014

  • posted about this on Facebook 2016-03-10 09:30:45 +1100
    People who love the arts and who work in the arts need to start promoting how important they are. Silence in the face of massive cuts gets you nowhere !
  • posted about this on Facebook 2016-01-04 21:07:52 +1100
    Dont be sad ... make stuff! and join the ARts Party!!!why not ?Hey Ho!
  • @fragilenote tweeted link to this page. 2016-01-04 21:07:48 +1100
    Dont be sad ... make stuff! and join the ARts Party!!!why not ?Hey Ho! http://www.artsparty.org/about?recruiter_id=20496

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