Adelaide Meeting 10th December 2014

We are hosting a session at La Boheme on Dec 10th at 7:00 to talk about strategies for the arts that might be fed into the policy platform of the newly formed Arts Party. We've been encouraged by the party leadership in Sydney to do this.

The party is at the stage of developing strategies and policies from grassroots, so all ears are open, and people are looking to be genuinely responsive.

Some might see it as an opportunity to further develop some ideas that came out of the recent "40-year vision" gig, the dust having just settled on that event.

Most of us understand, I think, that the health of the arts and artists in this country is greatly dependent on government.  We may wish it were not so, but... it is, and will remain. The dream, then, is to get some artists in parliament!

Imagine an arts minister or a prime minister standing up at a news conference to make a major announcement about the arts... What does she say? What words would you put in her mouth? What's one idea that would change our lives for the better as artists?

A lot of people by now have heard about the party, are interested, and wish it well, but are also a bit shy about engaging with it because they don't see themselves as 'political', or feel they don't have anything to offer in terms of politics.  This meeting is to demonstrate that you don't need to know about politics, you just need to care about and know about art, and the life of an artist.

We're both involved in this thing, as members.  No-one knows where it's heading, but, possibly, it's heading to a better future for Australian art and artists.

Please consider coming along to have a drink, listen, and share.


Terry and Charlie

December 10, 2014 at 7pm - 9pm
La Boheme
36 Grote St
Adelaide, South Australia 5001
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Charles Sanders ·

Will you come?

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