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If you've ever been moved by a piece of music, captivated by a painting, got lost in a movie, been filled with wonder at a stage show, an opera, a dance event or any of a hundred other artistic creations, then we're with you.

Join The Arts Party today, if you want to help us Improve Access To Arts & Culture.

It's about recognising that artistic and cultural events are an enormously powerful tool to bring people together and expose them to new ideas and ways of thinking. These activities should be as accessible as possible to every Australian. The skills and knowledge provided by all of the art forms are the foundation blocks of creativity. These are fast becoming the must-have skills of the 21st Century. 

We don't speak as one voice. There are many people, many opinions, many ideas and infinite possibilities for the future, and we want to create a future that supports and encourages the Arts in every form. 

What we need is a more efficient, better supported arts sector, funding more creativity, taking more risks and offering greater opportunity for all Australians, as both creators and audiences, to get involved.

Here is an excellent diagram that explains the importance of the Arts:


When creative activity is happening in large and small ways throughout an area, it creates surprising ripple effects of benefits, even for those who don’t participate directly. In economic terms, theatres, galleries, concerts and so on mean more energy and life in a community, more tourists, more renovated buildings, more people and businesses moving to an appealing place to live and work. A vibrant arts environment with music, storytelling, and community art centres also means more people coming together to share experiences and ideas, connecting with each other and understanding each other in new ways.

But there's more! Great art can turn a mirror to our souls, pivot our thinking, anticipate the future and draft utopias. Wow! :-)

It’s about time there was a committed voice representing Australian artists and audiences in our politics. As the last budget clearly showed, if you don't have a voice in Canberra, you won't be heard.

The current cuts to arts funding are absolutely shocking.

We want to empower our funding bodies to make decisions based on merit not politics, our artists to connect and communicate with the wider community with integrity, and lower the cost of participation for audiences across Australia. 

And if we're talking dollars and cents, there's also the tangible benefits. For example in 2012 The Live Performance Industry (which covers music, musical theatre, opera and dance) generated revenues of over $2.5bn in Australia. Total profits and wages (for performing and support staff) amounted to $1.53bn, while also employing thousands of Australians. Read more here. This was done with extremely limited federal support, which is continuing to fall. We want to turn this around. 

If you care about the arts, then show it by supporting us at the next federal election.

Read Our Policy Ideas to Improve Access To Arts & Culture.

While this video only discusses painting and reasons for its value, these reasons could be applied to just about any art form. 

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