New Candidate - Frank Madrid

We're very pleased to announce Frank Madrid as our newest candidate for the Arts Party at the coming 2016 Federal Election!

frank.jpgFrank has more than 20 years experience in managing, evaluating and delivering major cultural events in Australia, the US and UK, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Chile and beyond. He is rightly seen as a leader in the area of cultural public diplomacy, sought out by government, business and the cultural sector for his boundless energy, organisational abilities and huge creative capacity.

Standing for the Arts Party is his latest challenge, having just completed curating the music program for the Art not Apart Festival 2016 in Canberra. In fact since leaving Venezuela many years ago to live here, Canberra has become his adopted home and many Canberrans will know of Frank, not just from the exciting events he’s organised there, but also from his many radio slots over the years.

When asked why he’s standing, Frank had this to say:

I share the Party's vision of a country enriched by the power of the Arts. As an arts professional with decades of experience in the industry, I am an advocate who understands the issues that affect the Arts, the need to develop policies that would strengthen them and ways for audiences to have better access to them. It’s also very exciting to think about what we could achieve at the election by showing how important and loved the Arts are!

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