Improving Our Community

There's more than 23 million of us living on this beautiful continent called Australia. We're rich and successful also one of the most urbanised countries in the world. Almost a third of us were born overseas, with many more of us embracing international heritages, and while english is the official language, over 200 other languages are spoken here. Wow - that's a great thing. Mutual respect, tolerance and understanding – these are the beliefs that give us unity. 

The fundamental strength of our country is based on our many disparate communities tolerating their differences, celebrating their similarities and uniting in creating a common future. 

Join The Arts Party today, if you want to help us Improve Our Community.

We want to foster community events at every level - in your street, suburb, town, city and make cultural and artistic celebrations a regular part life as an Australian. Public events, exhibitions, festivals, performances, screenings and the many other cultural and artistic gatherings are things we should all be able to attend and ultimately achieve the same result – they bring us together and open up our minds to shared experiences and emotional responses that bond us as a group and a people.

We also want our cities to be beautiful and communal affairs, places that are a pleasure to live in, well designed, clean and efficient. But sadly this is also far from a perfect society and there is a clear need to address the many things that are not good about Australia and our individual lives in 2016.

Relationships, meaning, beauty in our lives and a sense of purpose, race, gender, wealth (or rather lack of), age, disability - virtually every one of us struggles with at least one of these. We don't claim to have all the answers, but we can start with the right questions and try new approaches.

We want to channel the positive, evidence-based, win-win headspace the artistic environment tends to cultivate, work with all of parties, and apply them to all the problems of this country. We all need to be part of finding these solutions. 

Our communities give us the framework to grow and mature, the courage to take risks, confront our fears and pursue our dreams. A life free from fear and filled with opportunity is a life that can accomplish anything. That is what we want to aspire to for every Australian life.

Read Our Policy Ideas to Help Improve Our Communities.


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