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Description of Candidates

Selecting Parliamentary candidates is one of the most central and important processes undertaken by The Arts Party. As an Arts Party candidate you would be standing with the intent of becoming an elected advocate for the cultural life of every Australian, for audiences, artists, entertainers and creators of all shapes and forms.
Being a candidate requires you to fulfill a range of tasks, from fundraising and building the visibility of the party in a positive way, giving your opinion internally on Party policy, speaking publicly for the Party at relevant events, and doing your best in campaigning in the run-up to elections, to maximise your chance of being elected.
We welcome applications from potential candidates regardless of their background, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or any other part of an individual's identity.
Our Parliamentary approvals process is designed to be inclusive, transparent and clear. This process is based on a competency framework and to be approved as a candidate you’ll need to possess the following abilities and qualities:
  • Great Communication Skills
  • Strong and Determined Leadership
  • A High Level of Strategic Thinking and Judgement
  • Resilience


Interviews and Assessment

Once you submit your application form you will be added to the list of people awaiting assessment.
An initial assessment of your application will be undertaken by the National Executive or the relevant State Executive to the election for which you are applying to be a candidate.
The National and State executives may, at some time, actively approach individuals that are considered valuable candidates for pre-selection, and ask them to apply for pre-selection, as part of the process.
The relevant executive team will then select those applications it deems to be of a high enough caliber to continue in the process. A face-to-face interview will then be conducted with those candidates. From these interviews a list of approved candidates will then be selected.
The relevant executive committee will select candidates, as it sees fit, in the interests of the Party - keeping in mind the principals of the party and the Party's ability and maximise its candidates support from the public in each election.



An offer of candidacy will sent to those candidates who are successful.
Notification will also be sent to those candidates who are not successful.
Many details of candidacy (such as the order of party candidates on Upper House ballot papers) cannot be considered final until such details are sent to the relevant electoral commission. While all efforts will be made to inform candidates of the final details of their candidacy, upon offering a candidacy - it must be understood that the process of candidate selection is complex, and may require changes, due to opportunities that arise, at any stage of the process. The Arts Party reserves the right to revoke or alter the details of its candidate selection, at any time (within the relevant rules and  regulations pertaining to each electorate and election).
The Arts Party is committed to increasing diversity throughout the party, and encouraging those from a diverse range of backgrounds to represent the The Arts Party at all levels. If you are interested in receiving additional support to prepare for your candidacy interview, please contact Nicholas Gledhill (ngledhill@theartsparty.org0419 609 025) for more information.


Amendments to terms and conditions

The Arts Party reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time. Any amendments will be effective immediately upon notification on the Arts Party's web site. Your continued use of the Arts Party's web site following such notification will represent an agreement by you to be bound by the terms and conditions as amended.
The Arts Party will make best efforts to inform all potential and actual candidates of any amendments made to these Terms & Conditions. However it remains the responsibility of all potential and actual candidates to be aware of the most recent Terms & Conditions under which they are currently applying and working.

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