Charles Sanders



South Australian Senate Candidate

I have been a passionate member of the Australian arts community and industry for my entire life. I grew up in Canberra, where I spent my childhood and adolescence as an active member of that city’s flourishing community theatre scene (and, by proximity, learned a healthy respect for federal politics). Since moving to Adelaide in 2008 I have trained as an actor at the Adelaide College of the Arts and as a director at NIDA. I work as a director, dramaturge, teacher and all round theatre maker and have spent a substantial amount of my professional practice creating opportunities and advocating for emerging and independent artists.

Though I am now based between Adelaide and Sydney, the South Australian arts community remains closest to my heart: as a place where, at its best, risk and engagement are rewarded as much as excellence - for the betterment of artists and audiences alike, and where the industry is small enough that we understand that we are all part of the same ecology.

For me The Arts Party, and our current fight, represent these ideals: Pursuit of an Australia which acknowledges the central role of arts and culture of all kinds, in all spheres of society; and an artistic community which acknowledges the importance of it’s various internal sectors —community, emerging, independent, and main-stream professional. While the structures and vagaries of the visual and emerging arts are less familiar to me, I am no less an advocate for their centrality to society, and of the interconnectivity between their various sectors.

It is my belief that the arts and creative industries are one of the most, if not the most, important facets of any self-respecting society, and it is a fact beyond dispute that these fields are among the most important to Australia’s ongoing economic success. I hope that this federal Arts Party, and whatever contribution I can make to it, can bring much needed arts advocacy to Canberra, and help to suggest that we are a nation who value our stories, ideas, icons, innovations, and reflections on the human experience. 

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