Crowdfunding Campaign Launched!

I’m very pleased to announce the Arts Party Federal Election Crowdfunding Campaign is now open - this is it! :-)

We have the real opportunity to put the Arts on the agenda and on voting slips across the country at this election, a real opportunity to get a dedicated advocate for the Arts elected. I’m sure you’re aware how important and yet undervalued the Arts are in this country right now. It’s time to act. But we absolutely need your support to do it.

Please donate today. Be as generous as you can. We must reach our baseline target or there will be no campaign at all. We obviously hope to go well beyond it. Check out the page now:

Finally, please tell your friends about this campaign and anyone else you know that cares and supports the Arts in this country. We need them all to know what we're doing right now. 

We're relying on your help to spread the word about the campaign and what we're trying to do. So lets make it happen!!

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