Crowdfunding Campaign Passes 100%

The Arts Party smashed through their crowdfunding election target of $35,000 this weekend, with 4 more days of crowdfunding to go. They have been using the website Pozible to run their campaign - . It is now confirmed they will be, at a minimum, standing senate candidates in all states of Australia at this coming federal election.

PJ Collins, Leader of the Party, said “This is a great moment for us, to know that we have the support of so many Australians who believe in our purpose and in the importance of the creative, cultural life of this country. We continue to break new ground. We’re the only party in Australia ever to be created through a crowdfunding campaign and the only party in the world dedicated to creativity and culture. We’re the only small party in Australia with a paid membership of over 2000. “

Collins continued, “Today, we also become the only party at this election, and perhaps ever in Australian history, to rely on an All or Nothing crowdfunding campaign, to be able to stand candidates. There is no Clive Palmer character behind the Arts Party, only normal Australians who want to see more support, respect and investment for Australia Creativity, Culture and Arts in every form. We intend to collect A MILLION VOTES FOR THE ARTS at this election.


The Arts Party is running on a platform of greater education access for all, more investment in Australia’s creative industries and a significant funding boost for the Arts in every form, in our communities across the country. They also want to see the Arts placed at the center of the Innovation Agenda being promoted by the current Liberal government.


Collins added, “We want a better deal for every Australian, either as creators, authors or consumers. The future of Australia will rely on our minds, not our mines. We need to invest in all of us right now – our prosperity depends on it!”


Collins said further candidate and state information will be released later this week once they have been registered.



More information can be found on - Any other requests should be directed to or call PJ Collins, on 0404 116310

Image Downloads available here.

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