Crowdfunding Campaign Passes 50%

Happy Anzac Day to you!

Today, we’ve reached 54% funded with 16 days to go on our election crowdfunding campaign. We’re over the hump! We’ve also had well over 1000 shares on Facebook, a lot of press coverage, radio interviews and a bunch of new members join :-)

So this is the deal - If everyone who’s donated so far finds one friend to match their support, we’ll hit our target. One more Australian, who believes in the importance of the Arts and wants to see more opportunity, support and respect for it in all our lives. But why stop at just one? Have you donated yet??

Please forward this webpage to your friends who agree, to anyone you know who cares. We've a couple of weeks left. Now is the time to get them to visit the page and contribute. Visit the page yourself and use the share buttons up the top to continue spreading the news on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Thank you so much for your support, it means everything. We’re getting there! Onwards and upwards!!

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