Election Alert#1 - Crowdfunding Campaign Imminent

It feels very fitting, historically, that I should write our first Election bulletin on the 100thAnniversary of the Easter Uprising in Ireland. 

It was led by a motley collection of poets, playwrights, writers and radicals, who took on the might of the entire British Empire and ultimately brought independence to Ireland only a few years later. I had a relative involved too, one Michael Collins, you may have heard of.

For those founding fathers, to try and fail was far better than to do nothing. To simply hope that those in power would ‘do the right thing’ was to them, ridiculous. We are faced with a similar challenge today in Australia in supporting the arts and the cultural, creative life of this country. The last 18 months have been a disaster for small and medium sized organisations across the country and is only getting worse as the cuts keep biting. The Arts Party is the best option and frankly only option to show support, when we go to the polls this year.

The next election is looking extremely likely to be 2nd July, a few months earlier than expected. As a party we’ve been working towards this event since registering 20 months ago. Candidates, policy, supporters, media attention - virtually everything is in place except one major element. Money.

This week, we’re launching our federal election campaign funding drive. In the next 45 days we will need to raise a minimum of $35,000, or we won’t be able to fight this election. We’re hoping to raise well over $100,000. Considering we crowdfunded into existence in the first place, this is a very fitting approach. 

As a supporter, I’m letting you know our plans before we launch. We’re going to be relying on you to help us spread the news of this campaign to your friends and networks – to help us make this campaign a success. Expect to get an email about the campaign in a couple of days and please be ready to forward it far and wide. Donations will still be accepted through the site too, of course, but the campaign will be the primary fundraising tool for this election. 

We’ve come this far – now let’s make sure we go all the way!

All the best to you,

PJ Collins

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