Supporting Our Creative Industries

When IBM surveyed more than 1,500 of the world's most successful CEOs they identified creativity as the most important leadership quality for business success.

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Creativity that drives innovation is the bedrock of a growing economy. Curiosity, creativity and hard work is what got us out of caves and where we are today. Your creativity isn't a danger to society, it's the future of our society.

We are ardent supporters of Australia's creative industries and also want to help foster the individual creativity of every Australian.

We need to invent, imagine, problem-solve, create, and communicate in fresh, new ways. Every business requires creative thinkers in the form of scientists, engineers, medical researchers, technology innovators, business entrepreneurs, artists, performers, writers and illustrators, designers, inventors, educators and parents. Those with the ability to "think outside of the box" will lead the future and make special things happen. The key element is that all of us are innately creative. 

Australia cannot rely on mineral resources to create the future wealth we demand. It is essential we find that future prosperity through investing in our minds, not our mines.

We live in a world that is constantly seeking innovation, but many of us are products of a social and education system that simply didn't equip us with the tools to explore this potential beyond our childhood years. It is essential that we develop creative skills throughout our lives so that we can be the valuable workers the businesses of tomorrow are going to need. In fact they already need them today! 

Read Our Policy Ideas to Support Our Creative Industries.


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