First on the Ballot Paper in North Sydney!

It has been a month of firsts for the Arts Party - our First Birthday, our first election, our first official candidate and now, our first position on the election ballot paper!

louturnsthewheel400.jpgOn friday lunchtime, the draw took place to decide the order of candidates on the voting slip in the North Sydney Election and we’re first!

It certainly can’t hurt to be the first candidate and party the 101,000 voters of North Sydney will see when they look at their options.

On the left is Lou Pollard, our candidate, giving the magic turn of the selection balls at the AEC, that ultimately placed us in the first slot.

Our details are now on the ABC website and was also reported by The Sydney Morning Herald among other outlets:

Exciting times for The Arts Party!

We are still calling out for volunteers to help us over the next few weeks campaigning and help man the polling booths on December 5th.

If you can help then please email us on


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