Frances Jankowski



Queensland Senate Candidate

My name is Frances and I am standing in this election as one of The Arts Party senate candidates for Queensland. We are the first arts party in the world. We are also the only party in Australia to be crowdfunded into existence. We stand up for our creators, innovators and educators because without them our Great Southern Land can never be truly great.

I come from Polish and Irish immigrant stock and grew up in the small farming community of Dimbulah. I am a graduate of the National Institute of Dramatic Arts where I studied Directing. I have worked as a teacher for almost twenty years in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

I’m standing as a candidate because I care passionately about our country and its future. I believe that our culture is one of our great national assets, but it is under threat from long-standing neglect and lack of official support. I believe that creative Australians are suffering and their voices are not being heard. I also believe in the power of education, but that power can only deliver if properly nurtured and funded.

We cannot keep saying “she’ll be right.” She won’t be if we don’t speak up now. Together we can make all the difference.

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   Photo by Longshots Photography


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