Girls With Guns


By Reverend Hellfire



Tis a fetish of mine,

I confess, it is true,

to collect pictures of girls with guns.

You may say its perverse,

but they fascinate me,

its really just good

harmless fun.


And this gave me a brilliant idea, my Friends;

Let's give all the weapons to women!


Yeah all of the bombs and all of the guns

give them all that we've got!

All of the tasers and landmines,

let's give them the whole bleeding lot!

Give the guns to the girls,

this isn't a joke,

and we'll pass lots of laws,

that ban weapons & wars

from being the business of blokes.


Well don't ask me

what the Future would be

or the fate of the mad human race,

but if you try my idea

I will guarantee

that the World would be a far

better place.


And it's a small price to pay

if once a month for a day

or so, we have to lay low,

And watch what we say,

coz you girls are Great.. Hey!

But nobody's perfect,

you know?


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