Gotta Elect The Arts Party


by Eido Boru, a Brisbane Bard


I don't know if I wanna go

After all it's an Oz picture show.

Why spend and waste

My hard earned dough

It's all about a red Koala

Comes from some place

Called “Struggle Street” Inala

Now Red lives with

Someone named Max

Who never pays any income tax

The ATO is on his tail

Not granted bail he's off to jail

So Red climbs up

This tall gum tree for a look and a see

And there is Max

It's an incredible fact

“Come on mate I'll help you escape

Cos the ATO's story don't equate

You've never had a job

You're a bone idle lazy

No good bludging slob”

Now Red received

A big shiny AM

Max was pleased

As he had been

Rescued by him

An unbelievable tale

This pic at the box office will surely fail

Cos it's got no gum chewing Yanks

Blundering around in in goddam tanks

No blonde or two

In designer skirts up to their thighs

Trying to catch my eye

But a red Koala

Versus the ATO

Gonna stay at home and save my dough

This won't ever be seen

On SBS or the ABC

It's a very poor low Grade D.

For first class OZ quality


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