Greens Adopt Arts Party Policy!

Today, the Greens announced the first part of their Arts Policy. What a surprise was in store! One of their key policies has been borrowed from (and credited to) the Arts Party! The Greens intend to champion a National Arts Week at the next session of parliament!! 

Obviously we're stoked by this news. The key purpose of the Arts party has been to get a better deal for every Australian in terms of education, culture and a creative life. We have deliberately shared every one of our policies with the major parties and asked them to take them on board.

In a clear sign of the value we can bring to the national conversation, The Greens have stepped up and chosen to champion our policy for a National Arts Week, to celebrate the Arts in every form across the country. We invite every other major party to follow their lead. It's long overdue!

Here's an excerpt from their policy document:


For more information, have a look at our original pitch for the idea back in 2015. We hope this is the first of many of our policies adopted by the major parties!

34 days to go - tomorrow we announce details of the first 16 candidates standing in the 2016 Federal Election!



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