How To Vote

The Senate

The new senate voting means that all voters choose 6 parties above the line, numbering their own preferences from 1 through to 6. Parties no longer have any preferences to trade and we have made no deals around 'How To Vote' cards with any other party.

We recommend voting 1 for the Arts and then using your head and heart to number other parties 2 through to 6.

If we don't get enough votes, your vote moves to your second preference and so on until it can be used to elect someone, so it makes sense to number a major party but only after other causes that matter to you.

Our position on the ballot paper varies by state, but this is the logo you need to look out for:


Here's a video that may also help:

You can also vote below the line for at least 12 candidates directly. We again recommend numbering all our candidates first and then moving on to other parties.

The House of Representatives

You need to number ALL candidate boxes on this form. This applies if you are in Wentworth, Warringah, Bennelong, Petrie, Longman, Dunkley or Franklin.

We recommend voting 1 for the Arts and then numbering all other candidates in the order you like best.

Simple! Hope this helps you on saturday :-)


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