By Eido Boru

Goin' back to Tassie

So I can vote

Gonna cross Bass Strait

On the big ferry boat.

Home sweet home

Is Derwent Bridge

In Winter time

It's cold ridgy didge.

Gonna live in the Pub

Stand in front of the fire

Singing the Blues

And starting a choir

Paint a Mona Lisa

On the Bar wall

This would be

About three metres tall

My mates will come

We'll film a pic

About Tarzan and Jane

This is what it'll depict

Jane will teach

The noisy Devils to dance

What a great delight

Their Swan Lake performance

Tarzan will swing

Though timbers tall

And rescue us from

Ridiculous political brawls.

At the State election

When Tassie folks

Make their selection

Is it more of the same

Or will they introduce

Someone new to the game

No more trouble and strife

Let's have an enjoyable

Artistic Tassie life

It's simply done

Vote Arts Party – ONE!'

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