By Eido Boru

If this is done,

Then they will

Certainly come . .

The old dame

From Moonie Ponds

The fabulous performer

Sir Elton John

Ladies will shout

There's James Bond!!

See the Bee Gee

With the school boy

From AC/DC

Aussie Opera drinking beer

The next round is on

The wonderful Sia

Who's on that bus

It's the Queensland Ballet

Derwent Bridge

Is now the sister town

To far off Calais

Crowded into the Pub

Warming by the fire

They'll sing and Rap

With our little choir.

We'll colour the water

Of the Hydro falls

Paint rainbows on

The Risdon Prison walls

This is not a perhaps

For Tassie to have

It's rightful place

On the Arts World Map

It's simply done

Vote Arts Party – ONE!

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