Jamie Henson



Victorian Senate Candidate

I started my career 41 years ago in the performing arts in Queensland. From child actor to stage manager, I now specialise in the technical side of performing arts, having been the operations manager of production at the Victorian Arts Centre. I've had great opportunity to see and understand many practitioners, having toured with productions all over Asia, New Zealand and European and Middle Eastern cities. This has given me a broad insight into what an audience wants. Australian people want more than entertainment. Our mixed culture, which comes from every migrant and our native inhabitants, can provide a broad social history and well being, as well as cultural understanding and appreciation to all Australians. 

My current occupation, lecturing in five courses of the performing arts industry at three different Melbourne universities, gives me a feeling of accomplishment; 'opening the doors’ of live entertainment and visual arts to people to enjoy and appreciate the creative passion of those presenting a performance or an exhibition. I deliver experience and knowledge, helping to develop skills that excite; build confidence and allowing my creative students to extend themselves to the highest level of professional standards and competence. 

I want people to seek beyond what they can do and to learn skills to create a better Australia. As a founding member of the Arts Party, I believe we offer people an alternative, decision altering, voice in the Federal and State government systems.

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