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Tasmanian Senate Candidate

My name is Joanne Volta (nee Stevens). I am a contemporary music artist born in New Norfolk Tasmania. I attended St Marys College and am a UTAS Law graduate with special interest in Advanced Constitutional Law & Advanced Administrative Law. I am a happily married mother with two children and Grandmother with two grand children. I believe every community is important and common sense in creating policy and law for the benefit of all Australian people is an absolute necessity.

I was invited to stand for the Senate in Tasmania by The Arts Party and these are the reasons I am standing.

  • A solid Arts platform and no nonsense approach towards policy is a welcome relief after the disjointed infighting and multiple promises of the major Parties.  
  • The Arts Party candidates have been drawn from various walks of life providing many skill sets to work with and a broad wealth of knowledge and experience that will benefit any government and the electors who vote for them.

Across the board every policy put forward has merit and may be found at The principles and platform policies are easy to read. Creativity and innovation should be cherished and encouraged across all walks of Australian life. To continue to learn and to be provided access to quality affordable education for all is part of the platform policy, as are the following points:

  • Increased support for Australian artists
  • venues and access for audiences
  • improving community
  • celebrating and supporting the diversity of our many communities
  • the provision of support for our creative industries aiding individuals and creative businesses

The changes and improvement in the future planning of this country requires funding and have been thought about carefully. The collated revenue raising ideas that could collect and or save a combined total of 22 billion dollars without hurting the average Australian family, pensioner, student and workers are great.

For example, a corporate community tax, a proposed 0.2% levy on the reported income paid by every company and corporation in excess of 100 million based on ATO figures for 2013-2014 would have provided 3.2 billion dollars for community projects. There is provision for an offset of the levy by choosing to support a registered Arts organisation up to the .2 % threshold.  Under the one page named Revenue Raising, there are a number of great revenue raising ideas, please take the time to explore at  Recognition of the value of our Arts industry, a common sense approach and practical application of sound business principles are the reasons I am proud to be a member of The Arts Party and I am privileged to be standing as an Arts Party candidate for the Senate.  

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