October 01, 2014
Contact: Pj Collins

Listening Post Meetings

The 'Listening Post' series of meetings with both members and supporters of the Arts Party across Australia have now reached the halfway point, after productive and successful meetings in Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane.

'It's been fantastic to meet so many supporters and advocates for what we're trying to do - to reposition art and creativity as essential to our shared future, and give it a voice in our politics." said PJ Collins, Leader of the Party.

He continued 'So many great ideas have come out of the meetings, from policy and operational areas to marketing and beyond - they've been incredibly productive. It's clear we've created a movement of committed and passionate Australians. Every meeting has shown the obvious alignment of our members across the country, demanding recognition of and support for Australian art and creativity.'

'We'll be making a big announcement shortly about the Queensland election after the next Brisbane meeting - and we're continuing to lay the groundwork for an exciting campaign in the next Federal election'. He added that a rundown of all discussion areas covered in the meetings would be sent out to members at the conclusion of the tour.

There are still 3 meetings left in the national tour - all members and supporters of Australian art and creativity are encouraged to attend:


There is an additional Brisbane meeting also organised for 12th October, 3pm, at the Chalk Hotel, following on from the original Listening Post meeting in September.

'Coming to these meetings is a great opportunity to contribute to the movement, hear our plans, meet organisers and of course other people who share the same passions. I'm very excited to be in Hobart for the next meeting on 5th October', said Mr Collins.

For more information about the meetings and the Arts Party, please visit the website www.artsparty.org


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