Neil Fainges



Queensland Senate Candidate

Art is everywhere, within every culture. Every Australian embraces and appreciates some sort of artistic expression, from the delight of seeing your child’s school drawing to being enveloped in the sounds of the philharmonic orchestra, from a simple tattoo to performance of the ballet and from the multicultural to the indigenous, art touches us all. We may be part of the action, or just one observing or listening, we all still participate.

I have decided to step up and instead of talking about what we need to do, I have decided to make a stand to ensure we encourage creativity, invest in knowledge and build communities by advocating for the Arts.My story includes over 40 years experience right across the art sector, I have thrived as a creative artist, and developed a passion for accelerating technology and innovation in the performing arts, from onstage as a puppeteer and performer, to being able to the support those out front as a stage manager as well as sound and lighting technician. My current environment is video production and multimedia within the healthcare sector. I have volunteered my varied skills for many years within the community including Woodford Folk Festival.

Along with this extensive portfolio, I have also gained other life experiences as a police officer, operations management and business owner. The Arts do matter and need to be represented.

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