New Candidate Announced - Anthony Ackroyd

We're very pleased to announce Anthony Ackroyd as our newest candidate for the Arts Party at the coming Federal Election.

Anthony Ackroyd is one of Australia’s most successful stand up comics and comedy writers. He is currently one of the stars of ABC’s Thank God It’s Friday!, the top rating radio comedy show in Australia.  


Recognised as a leading authority on the social and cultural impacts of comedy Anthony’s articles on this subject are frequently printed in leading publications including the Sydney Morning Herald. The political satire web shows Political Bent and The Ackroyd Report Anthony wrote and presented were featured on the websites of The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, WA Today, and The Brisbane Times. In recognition of his cultural influence Anthony was chosen to be part of a group of prominent Australians whose opinions on the nature of democracy were recorded for a permanent muti-media installation at the Museum Of Australian Democracy in Canberra.

Anthony is also a very funny guy. His impersonation of ex-Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, has become the stuff of legend and was described by the real ex-PM Bob Hawke as “the funniest and best in the history of Australian political impersonations”.

Anthony explained his reasoning for being a candidate:

 I am a passionate advocate of the arts. I believe the arts in all its myriad forms has tremendous importance both culturally and socially. This significance needs to be recognised more broadly and those who contribute to creating this significance, artists of all stripes, need a louder, more effective voice in mainstream society. I am hoping to contribute meaningful decibels to this voice by being a candidate for the Arts Party.

Welcome to the team, Anthony!

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    New Candidate Announced - Anthony Ackroyd to stand as candidate for the Arts Party at the next Federal Election.

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