NSW Policy - Create a 'Screen Breakers' Low Budget Feature Film Fund in NSW

I'm pleased to announce a new campaign policy that aims to encourage the next generation of NSW filmmakers and kickstart indie film production across the state.

I believe the primary purpose of state support for the Australian film industry should be to encourage the telling/making of as many engaging and entertaining Australian stories/films as we can.

There's a basic problem with our local film industry - we simply don't make enough films and worse still, audiences are not engaged by the ones we do make. 

We need to make far more movies than currently and make those films far more accessible, to give us the audience, a real chance of finding an Aussie movie they can love. It’s our stories and our tax money after all.

So I propose we set up a Screen Breakers low budget feature film fund - a completely new take on state film funding.

Story scripts and team production CVs are submitted and assessed, the best ones are selected to produce a microbudget trailer for their project. These trailers are then on a special 'Aussies Only' Screen Breakers website, which every NSW resident has the ability to register on, and presents the trailers and project info for voting. The site crowdsources feedback and rankings from the audience - effectively the audience decides which films are made with the funding for a change.

We invest a maximum of $100,000 in each film production, and the filmmakers can contribute as much as they like on top of that. Equity will be calculated on the investment by all sides.

After their premieres, each completed film would be made available for a cheap streaming charge (Australia only) from the Screen Breakers website for 6 months. Foreign sales rights would not be affected for the filmmakers, but locally the focus would be about building local audiences over revenue. DVD and Bluray copies could also be ordered from the site. 

Let’s focus our NSW screen funding on kickstarting the next generation of Aussie films and filmmakers and building our local audiences for a change. 

Australian Film really matters to me - does it matter to you?

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