NSW Policy - Improve Music Education in all NSW Schools

I'm pleased to announce a new campaign policy that demands universal access to music education for all students in public High Schools in NSW.

The arts are a key part of a rounded education and a powerful element in developing both critical and creative thinking in students. We need to ensure that all students benefit from a strengthened creative and artistic curriculum, not just for those with parents that can afford it - or are lucky enough to be at schools that happen to teach it.

As a first step, I want every school child in NSW to be able to attend a music class taught at least weekly by a trained music teacher.

Every child should be able to sing and/or to play a musical instrument as part of their public school education, if they choose it.

Literacy and numeracy skills are of course essential, but so is creative and artistic development for a comprehensive education. Australia's students need to leave school ready to be part of the smart thinking workforce of tomorrow, that businesses are already crying out for today.

I want to help give every student in NSW the opportunity to excel. Spending money on education for any of us is investing in all of us. 

Music in education matters to me - does it matter to you?

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