NSW Policy - More Digital Smart Work Hubs and the Fastest Internet Possible

I'm pleased to announce a new campaign commitment to push for fast internet and encourage our digital opportunities in NSW.

There's no question about the importance of the internet. This network of networks has transformed the way we do business, shop, communicate and run our lives.

NSW and Australia need to futureproof our internet access to stay competitive, we've slipped to 44th in the world and look set to slip further. I absolutely question the reductions to the NBN plan for this country - we should be fitting fibre to the home at every opportunity.


Additionally, I applaud the limited pilot of Digital Smart Work Hubs that has been supported by the State Government, and I want to see them expanded across the state.

A 'Smart Work Hub' is a facility or space which offers access to super fast internet, video conferencing and meeting rooms for a low daily charge. They’re launchpads for new businesses and start-ups, and offer teleworking opportunities for those in the workforce already, rather than forcing everyday commuting.

Digital facilities such as the Nexus Hub in North Wyong, set up across the state, would give us more opportunity to manage or redefine how we work. 

Fast access to the Internet and more digital opportunity matters to me - does it matter to you?

Visit the Campaign Policy Home Page.

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