NSW Policy - Encourage More Live Music in NSW

I'm pleased to announce a new campaign commitment, to work to improve the live music scene in NSW.

Access to live music is sadly dropping in NSW and I want to help change that trend.

I propose a number of measures to help improve the situation for musicians and audiences.

The amount of available venues across the state is already limited and shrinking – to aid this I will support new approaches by local councils to development controls, building code requirements for noise abatement and liquor licensing rules, to help encourage more community-friendly live music venues.

I will also support creating a charter that guarantees fair treatment and equipment security rights for musicians at venues where performances are being held. 

Additionally, we should make it cheaper and easier to book public spaces for musical performance and do more to activate our public land. We also need to create an agency designed simplify obtaining Public Liability insurance for performers, for low risk entertainment purposes.

I will also work with local councils, TAFEs and universities to show how leasing out their unused properties as performance and rehearsal spaces adds value to our shared communities and improves security for their empty assets. 

Live music matters to me, does it matter to you?

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