NSW Policy - New Creative Performing Arts High Schools in Regional NSW

I'm pleased to announce a new campaign policy that aims to encourage the most creative and artistic students in Regional NSW.

Our education system works to recognise and foster the potential of every student, and already accepts that different approaches can make a real difference to learning outcomes. That’s why the NSW state government already supports a number of different types of secondary schools, such as language, sport, technology and arts schools. Each aims to encourage students with particular recognized skills.

Yet when we look where these schools are, they’re overwhelmingly in Sydney. That’s not right. Access to specialized education should be fairly spread across the state. A third of us in NSW do not live in greater Sydney.

I want us to start with founding new Creative and Performing Arts High Schools across regional NSW.

Currently there are 10 in total, 9 of which are in Sydney. I propose we establish 5 more across regional NSW, to develop the most creative and artistic students across the state.

Based on the existing working model, we would re-designate suitable existing schools and furnish them with additional facilities and resources, including organising accommodation options for weekly boarding of students that cannot commute daily.

On top of that I believe every school child in NSW should be able to attend a music class taught at least weekly by a trained music teacher if they you choose it, to sing and to play a musical instrument as part of their education.

I want to help give every student in NSW the opportunity to excel. 

Regional education matters to me - does it matter to you?

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