NSW Policy - Protect Community TV and Radio in NSW

I'm pleased to announce a new campaign commitment to do everything I can to protect and support Community TV and Radio in NSW.

Digital broadcasting is an essential tool for our many diverse communities to communicate. We cannot support that diversity by relying only on commercial channels. 

Community TV already reaches over 3 million Australians every month and Community radio reaches over 5 million people each week. The large slice of these viewers and listeners are in NSW.

These station are financially self-supporting (not for profit) and play an important role in providing a voice for communities that aren’t adequately serviced by other broadcasting sectors. They have built longstanding partnerships with local music venues and performing arts societies, helping to extend the reach of artists in communities throughout the country. 

Yet in the case of Community TV, the current government aims to take away their digital bandwidth allocations at the end of 2015, forcing them off our televisions. 

The only winners out of killing off Community TV are the existing commercial stations - the losers are basically the Australian people.

Community television and radio represents free and open access to produce, volunteer, learn, view, engage, discuss, dispute and participate for all of us. We shouldn’t be limiting our ability to communicate with each other, instead we need more channels, not less.

Community TV and Radio matters to me - does it matter to you?

Visit the Campaign Policy Home Page.

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