NSW Campaign 2015

The NSW election is over and as we continue to wait for exact results, I want to give a big THANK YOU to all involved, who got us this far.

To everyone who voted for me (you legends!), to everyone who tried to vote for me (I know, I was hard to find on that form), and most of all, to everyone who so generously gave up their time and helped get the word out about my campaign, and the Arts Party generally. My deep and sincere thanks to you, one and all.

More people know about us now than ever before and the next time we campaign, it will be the 2016 Australian Federal Election and we will be many, all standing together as one.

Bring it on!!

PJ Collins
4th April 2015






Why am I standing?

The entire point of this party is to take a political stand for what we believe in. We've got big plans for the Federal Election in 2016, but that's still over a year away and here's an election right where I live! The Arts Party is not registered in NSW, but there's nothing stopping me from standing as an independent.

So! I'm walking the walk and putting myself forward right now to stand up for the things I believe in.

What are you standing for?

I’m standing for greater investment in the creative, cultural and artistic future of New South Wales.

I'm motivated not by any set ideology, instead by a belief that investing and supporting Australian artists and audiences is paramount to sustaining a diverse, prosperous and culturally inclusive future for us all. 

If elected, I aim to work in good faith with other political parties, to achieve practical outcomes that encourage our innate creativity, our artists and creative industries, and access to the arts for all residents of NSW. 

Below is a list of the current policies I'm campaigning on, please have a read and see if you like any of them. If you do, then please like and share this page, and help me get the word out about my candidacy!

I am also available for press interviews, contact me on pjcollins@theartsparty.org or by phone 0404 116 310



  • Establish Creative and Performing Arts High Schools across regional NSW ..read more

  • Improve access to music education in every public school in NSW ..read more

  • Free access for under 16s to all NSW state-funded galleries and museums, including special shows and travelling exhibitions ..read more

  • Encourage more live music in NSW ..read more

  • Create a new “Screen Breakers” low budget feature film fund in NSW ..read more

  • Guarantee the digital broadcast rights of NSW community TV and community radio ..read more

  • The fastest internet possible and more Digital Smart Work Hubs ..read more

  • Support for the NSW Arts & Disability Partnership beyond 2015 ...read more

If you like my policy ideas then please like this page below and visit our Facebook page, to get more updates about my campaign.


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