Our 7 House of Representatives Candidates

Despite being less than 2 years old, and funded purely by crowdfunding income, small donations and membership fees, the Arts Party is standing 20 candidates at the 2016 Federal Election.

13 candidates are standing for the Senate across all states and 7 are standing in the House of Representatives. Detailed information about these House of Representatives candidates can be found here:


Anthony Ackroyd, Candidate For WENTWORTH 

...is a well know Australian comedian, speaker and writer. Ackroyd was born in Hobart, Tasmania and grew up in the suburb of Warrane. At the age of 16 he became Australian schoolboy public speaking champion when he won "Rostrum's Voice of Youth" competition. He was also a Commonwealth debating champion and graduated from the University of Tasmania with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in English and European Literature and Philosophy. Ackroyd is a passionate advocate for the Arts in every form and believes it has tremendous importance both culturally and socially. We need a voice for the Arts in our politics. 


christophergordon.jpgChristopher Gordon, Candidate for BENNELONG

...is an Australian composer best known for his film scores, but has also received major classical commissions. Major film scores include Mao's Last Dancer, Master and Commander and On the Beach. Christopher believes the arts are central to a healthy community at all levels and is passionate about the importance of education in Australia. He also wants to see a more humane and compassionate approach to the needy and disadvantaged, and to the plight of asylum seekers. We need a voice for the Arts in our politics.


timsanderson.jpgTimothy Sanderson, Candidate for FRANKLIN 

...is a psychologist and writer, living in Port Huon, Tasmania. He provides local Mental Health care services professionally and actively supports local theatre, specifically Blue Cow Theatre Company, with whom he is an aspiring playwright. Sanderson stands for the restoration and significant improvement in Arts funding to Tasmania whichever party wins a majority in this election. He also wants more support for mental health and other health services, better public school funding, humane treatment for refugees and marriage equality. He believes we need a voice for the Arts in our politics.


sallybaillieu.jpgSally Baillieu, Candidate for DUNKLEY

...has spent her entire life working in the arts and has seen the powerful good that comes of it at a personal, local, cultural and economic level. Baillieu produces and presents a weekly community radio programme on the Mornington Peninsula called Arts About that discusses, promotes and champions the artist and their role in society. Baillieu believes the Arts are at the core of our lives, and creates the paradigm through which we view the world and relate to each other. The Arts should have a voice in our politics.


stephenbeck.jpgStephen Beck, Candidate for LONGMAN

...has worked in the professional theatre and entertainment industry for nearly 30 years, providing technical production support for Australian and overseas shows. In addition, his talents as a singer have seen him perform in nearly 20 professional opera seasons with the state Opera Company: Opera Queensland. (Opera Q). Beck wants to champion youth access to the Arts in Longman and also work hard to promote and encourage the many Creative Industries in Queensland, if elected.


andrewtyrrell.jpgAndrew Tyrell, Candidate for PETRIE

...is a passionate supporter of the Arts and live music in Petrie. It’s something that’s been disappearing as venues have closed down across the country and bands have lost so many places to perform in.  Tyrrell believes the arts and music especially, are vital to our community, our future and our culture. He is standing so we can add an arts voice to our politics.


sheacaplice.jpgShea Caplice, Candidate for WARRINGAH

...is a highly respected Midwife (one of the most trusted professions) who is passionate about the arts. Art, music, theatre, dance is food for her soul. Caplice has lived in the electorate all her life and has seen the importance of arts and culture in building community. She believes the arts creates the balance from which we can build business, infrastructure and communities without losing our heart.




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