February 22, 2015
Contact: Pj Collins

Party Leader To Stand For NSW Senate

Patrick James (PJ) Collins, Leader of the Australian Arts Party, will stand as an independent candidate for the Legislative Council in the NSW State Elections on 28th March 2015. This follows two Arts Party members standing as independent candidates in the Queensland State elections in January this year.

The Arts Party was founded in 2014 to bring new, positive voices to the running of the country at every level.

"This party exists to give an independent voice to the Arts in our politics, to encourage our innate creativity in every form, to build communities through celebrating our similarities and differences," says Collins.

The Arts Party has four core principles: to advocate for the arts; to encourage creativity; build community and; invest in knowledge.

"If the voters of New South Wales care about a more creative, artistic and culturally rich future for this state, then I ask them to vote for me in the Legislative Council (senate) of the New South Wales parliament on March 28th," continues Collins.

Patrick Collins is standing as an independent candidate in the NSW election as the Arts Party is not being currently registered as a state party in NSW, however it is registered as a federal party and candidates will stand in the federal election next year. 

"We intend to stand official Arts Party candidates in every state and territory of Australia at the federal election in 2016. There is a pressing need to bring fresh new committed voices to the political life of this country, and that is what we intend to achieve," says Collins.

For more information about the current NSW campaign, PJ Collins and the Arts Party generally, please visit www.artsparty.org or call on 0404 116310.

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