Pollie Waffle

Pollie Waffle 10 or ∞

by J.C. Coleman


Polly Waffle is:-

Affably accommodating with agonizing appeal and always analytically adaptive for anticipated attention and accurate authentic appraisement while also alluringly agreeable of any alliterative assembled arguments.

Although, the academic alertness expected of all amicable arrangements was also absolutely abysmally apologetic of an acknowledged authority as artistically aimless though alarmingly active and absurdly abstract.

Bear in mind though, the ballistic blurb from a bulls bottom buoyant with blatant beckoning was banished to become a burdensome business belittlingly bland and based on boorish but bold bombastic bloodletting.

But, all this needed basically was briefless barristers bristling with broken brilliance by brazen beckoning and braying beyond beneficial blunders while breeching baseless barefaced blindness blended with breathless benevolence.

Completely cool, the carping critics with ceremonious cheapness and courtly characteristics couldn’t convert coherent consciousness cloistered within chequered careers while consoling complimentary cosmopolitan crudeness.

Collectively, with creative contrived confidence, the chaotic cynicism of the credulous combatants crystallized conclusions and cunningly concealed close comparisons circumventing the comatosed constituents current costly chaos.

JC Coleman©
June 2016.

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