Our Principles

Read these principles carefully. Do you agree with them?

We aim to bring all these attributes to our democracy, to contribute new approaches and ideas that improve Australian lives.

  1. Strong support for the Arts is essential for a healthy society. They inspire, enlighten, inform, educate and unite us in shared experiences. We are proudly multicultural.

  2.  Every Australian has the right to enjoy and participate in the Arts, in all of its forms. Australian stories matter and tell universal truths that enrich us all. 

  3. The Arts foster tolerance, inclusion and diversity in our multicultural society. They help us understand each other, where we’ve come from and help create our shared future.

  4. The Arts are crucial to a complete education, to becoming a rounded citizen and leading a healthy, happy and fulfilled life. 

  5. The Arts are born from curiosity, creativity and cooperation, the building blocks of all human progress. 

  6. We are all artists, in many different ways. We create an art in everything we do, when we do it well.

  7. Sustainability must be central to everything we do. We must protect and preserve our natural environment for future generations.

  8. As an advanced, creative, innovative, wealthy country, Australia has a responsibility to lead social, intellectual, economic and environmental progress around the world.

  9. Science and engineering, like the Arts, are driven by human curiosity and creativity. We must work in partnership to lead the profound changes technology is bringing about in our world.

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