Response to Latest NSW Liberal Arts & Cultural Policy Framework

The NSW Liberal government has released a new policy framework document outlining a 10 year plan to revitalise the Arts and Cultural life of the state, a first step in the right direction as far as The Arts Party is concerned. Here is our response - 


We applaud the government for this refreshing new approach to supporting the artistic and cultural life of all residents of NSW. We are however understandably concerned about how much focus the state government (whoever wins) will continue to give to these key areas outside of the election cycle - a key reason why electing a dedicated influence such as PJ Collins, Leader of the Arts Party, to the NSW Upper House, makes so much sense.

We also have a number of additions to the announced policy strategy that we hope the NSW Liberal government will embrace, should they be re-elected:

Youth access to all our cultural institutions. Free access for children under 16 NOT ONLY to the Australian Museum and Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, BUT ALSO to all 54 regional public museums funded by the State Government. We need to boost access to knowledge.

A profound re-imagining of the Powerhouse Museum. Simply moving the museum westward without reassessing it’s purpose appears more a real estate grab than anything else (the current site is worth over $200m). We believe this is an incredible opportunity to create a unique ‘Maker Movement Made Real’ resource by expanding the Powerhouse into a creative ‘Brain Hub’ for the west, to create a square kilometre of possibility. To just shoehorn an already overflowing museum into a new space, without reassessing the underlying business model would be a serious error. This model should then be rolled out to regional centers across the state. We must encourage our creativity

Additional digital hubs introduced across all NSW regional centers. We applaud the existence of these as a limited pilot, however they need to be expanded across the state. They’re launchpads for new rural businesses, and teleworking opportunities for those in the workforce already. Supporting new business across NSW.

Major increase in touring of regional NSW by the best funded cultural acts and exhibitions. Access to artistic and cultural output is woeful in regional NSW, the constant Sydney bias must be addressed as a priority. We want a constant touring cycle of great productions, at affordable prices, across regional NSW. Regional access to the Arts.

Clear support for Community TV and radio across NSW. Lobbying directly for their right to exist, and funding them as core community services. Build our communities.

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