Response to the 2014 Federal Budget

Following consultation with the National Executive of the Australian Arts Party, PJ Collins, the Leader of the Party, today called for immediate restoration of pre-budget funding to both Screen Australia and the Australia Council. He described the federal budget, announced less than two weeks ago, as ‘a disaster’ for Australia.

“This budget is an attack on every principle we started this party to uphold – support for the arts, creative and business innovation, community-building and access for all to quality education. Once again, activities we consider crucial to the long-term strength and prosperity of this country have been treated as disposable. In a budget totalling over $442bn, these particular funding cuts will be keenly felt by communities and creatives across the country.”

PJ Collins continued, “The coalition has delivered a budget designed to create short-term savings with long term pain, disproportionately affecting those least able to cope. We believe the core purpose of government is to invest in the Australian people to be as productive and fulfilled as possible. Instead, this offering is an insult to the very people who funded it.”

In finishing, Mr Collins said “The 2014 federal budget has highlighted exactly why we created this party, and energised us to fulfil our mandate – to create a dedicated voice for Australian creativity and the arts in Canberra. The next federal election is barely 2 years away and we will work tirelessly until then, to create that voice.”

The Arts Party is Australia’s newest political party, crowdfunded into existence in late 2013. It continues to call for all Australians who believe in the arts and human creativity, to make themselves heard, by joining the party today.

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