Robert Taylor



West Australian Senate Candidate

I believe that the arts are basic to the way we function as a community and the way we communicate with each other within a community. Time after time I have seen arts workers transform abandoned public buildings into working economically successful centres for their communities, which then become focus points for the reinvigoration and revitalisation of whole suburbs. Nothing else can do this so well. Nothing else draws people together in such significant way. Why else does every level of Government encourage, fund and expand Festivals & local artists?

On a per capita basis the arts returns any expenditure made upon it tenfold, while encouraging social skills and interactions between people. At its heart the arts are a Life Skill which equip individuals with tools that can be used in every occupation every day. My entire working life has been in areas where I have seen the practical benefits of creativity - whether as a health tool, a way to reach disenfranchised and disengaged young people or simply as a form of entertainment which provides pleasure and support to millions.

I believe I would be a good Member of Parliament because my beliefs in the arts are easily transferable to all aspects of political life - it is almost impossible to name a part of government that does not already use the arts to further its aims whether it be foreign affairs or the domestic economy. And if working in the arts has taught me one thing - you don’t work 9 to 5 on matters of importance to you and your fellow Australians in Western Australia.


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