Sally Baillieu



Candidate for Dunkley, VIC

Sally is married with two children and lives on the Mornington Peninsula. She has worked in the Arts for most of her life, in theatre, film, fashion and radio, in Australia, the Netherlands, China and the UK.

From Radio RPP FM in Mornington, Sally presents the popular Arts About every Sunday and Wednesday. “Arts About is an extension of everything I love and care about in the Arts.

We engage in conversation with Artists, we discuss the impact of the arts, and present news about events within Australia and around the world. It is fast moving, amusing and informative”.

“My childhood was enriched by exposure to theatre, music, dance, paintings, literature and films. I am a product of that exposure”.   

“I have always been driven to participate, and encourage others to do the same.

I know that our efforts benefit the wider community, by providing connection and inclusion, and by encouraging empathy and compassion for others. These are sorely needed qualities in an increasingly cold and impersonal world.

“Given the recent slashing of financial support for arts organisations, I felt I had no choice but to speak up. Economists in suits are slowly destroying our culture. They tell us we can no longer afford to support the arts.

Well I am here to tell them that we can’t afford not to support the arts, because if you kill the roots, the tree will die”.

 “Art is not a luxury and it is not for the elite. It is a necessity and a right, which benefits everyone”.

“Artists must now become involved in politics because we find ourselves in an intolerable situation. Government attitudes are at odds with what we know provides great benefit to all Australians, and the cultural life that we share.

This is why I have joined, and am now standing for, the Arts Party.

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