Scott O'Hara



Tasmanian Senate Candidate

My name is Scott O’Hara and I have worked as a professional Arts Manager primarily in arts education, the government sector and community cultural development for the past twenty years. I also have experience as an arts practitioner including as a writer, and as musician. Most recently, I exhibited an augmented reality artwork at Sculpture by the Sea in 2012. I have served as a volunteer on many arts and Government organisations committees and boards, and I wrote an opinion column on Artshub for four years. I grew up in Tasmania and spend as much time as I can with family and friends there. My current role is managing a community performing arts facility in Sydney.

I believe I would make an effective representative of people interested supporting and advocating for the Arts because of my wide range of experience in different art forms and settings, passion for creativity and creative people, and my strong understanding of Government and its many processes. I have worked in all three levels of Government and have previously formed effective working relationships with politicians of many different persuasions. I believe very strongly that Government investment in the Arts should be strategic, and in line with clear policies and plans intended to benefit Australian society as a whole.

I think Australia’s economy and outlook needs to shift towards a genuinely creative and knowledge based economy in order to thrive into the 21st Century, and that fostering a strong contribution to that from artists and the arts should be central to that. I am an advocate of extending better access to the Arts and I believe Australians should have every opportunity to be active participants in, not just passive consumers of Arts and Cultural activity.

I would like to challenge every political party to enter every election with a stated policy for the Arts, rather than relegating this significant contributor to the Australian economy and national identity to a post-election afterthought, as so often appears to be the case.

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