You've Heard About The Senate Voting Reform...

I’m sure you’re all aware of the changes to the Senate voting system that the government wants passed before the election. You may also have wondered what that means for the Arts Party. 

25% of Australians didn't vote for the three major parties in the senate at the last election, which was certainly not reflected in the resultDespite claims of improving our democracy, the proposed changes will make it even harder to introduce new voices into the senate, outside of those established major parties. That doesn’t sound like improvement to us.

But there is good news. We said harder, not impossible.

We are not the same as the many truly "single issue" micro-parties, the ones that struggle to find 500 free members to get registered. If the proposed legislation goes through, most of them are going to disappear.

There will be less options on the voting slip, meaning that we will stand out even more. In ways, the changes will help us, however..

We still have a mountain to climb in terms of our visibility to Australians. When people do hear about us they're almost always interested. If the changes go through, we will need preferences from a LOT of voters on election day.

Here's a fitting proverb - You can't fatten a pig on market day. It means every supporter of the Arts Party needs to stand up and help more than ever and do it right now.

We need to grow our visibility fast. We need media attention, celebrity endorsement and more benefactors. We need YOUR HELP.

This federal election is a unique opportunity to change the perception and treatment of the Arts and Cultural sectors and improve opportunity for every Australian.

So the question is, what can you do for your party?

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