Send Us YOUR Endorsement!

A couple of days ago, Jason Van Genderen, long time member and emerging filmmaker, inspired by others he’d seen, sent us his own video endorsement, in support of the Arts and what we’re doing at this election. It's great! You can watch it now below. 

It got us thinking in our last week of campaigning… We want the most important endorsement of all - YOUR ENDORSEMENT! 


Just like all the other ones, we'll collect and host them on our website, but as we can't pop over for filming, we need you to record it. 

Perhaps you have a laptop, a phone or a tablet with a camera. This evening, please record your own statement. It can start with this:

“The Arts matter to me because…”  ...then we leave it to you to complete the statement :-)

We also ask you to finish with.. "That's why you should vote ARTS at this election"

So that's the challenge! Aim to keep the length to no more than 60 seconds.

Don’t worry about huge production values, just make sure there’s a light in front of you rather than behind - we want to be able to see and hear you :-)

Then send it to us! There are three ways, the first being the best:

1. Upload your clip to YouTube/Vimeo/Dropbox/Google Drive and send us a link to

2. Email a video file to (make sure it’s less than 5Mb though)

3. Send us your clip direct on your phone to 0419 609 025

We've got 5 days to go to the election.. how many endorsements can we collect?  Please share this page with your friends!


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