Shea Caplice



Candidate for Warringah, NSW

I am a highly respected Midwife (one of the most trusted professions ) who is passionate about the arts. Art. music, theatre, dance is food for my soul. The way in which the Arts articulates with humanity through our hearts and minds is essential to life and often gives voice to the unspoken and the unspeakable.

The principles of the Arts Party are strong and they are principles that I can wholly support. I feel disempowered by the current state of politics in this country and the Arts Party has given me a conduit to action. As a Midwife working with the Aboriginal Community in Sydney, politics is and has always been part of my life albeit on a local scale. 

I have lived in this electorate all my life and worked for the people. I believe Art is the fabric of life. Not one of the parties has the arts on their agenda and I believe cutting the arts silences the voice of the people. We unite as a community through the arts. Theatre, art, music, dance are food for our senses, motivating, inspiring, provoking and shaking the status quo. And beyond that it enhances health and education.

How can we say no to an essential component to enjoyment and  living ? The arts creates the balance from which we can build business, infrastructure and communities without losing our heart.

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