Stephen Beck



Candidate for Longman, QLD

Stephen is well known in the local and Brisbane areas, and has worked in the professional theatre and entertainment industry for nearly 30 years, providing technical production support for Australian and overseas shows. In addition his talents as a singer have seen him perform in nearly 20 professional opera seasons with the state Opera Company: Opera Queensland. (Opera Q)

“Like most Queenslanders, I became disillusioned with the poor representation and national agendas presented by the major political parties at the expense of our great state. I decided to get involved and take the opportunity to make some real change. I have a strong focus on personal freedoms and protection of Queensland jobs and see a future filled with confidence, particularly looking to the Creative Industries and talents of our youth to grow our Queensland economy.”

“We have an opportunity to reverse the neglect and cuts made to the Arts and Creative Industries in this state.”

“The creativity of our youth is the only natural resource that the major parties have refused to mine, choosing instead to bury it back in the ground by discouraging creative industry and cutting funding to the arts. I have plans that are set to directly benefit the Longman electorate and Queensland as a whole.” Mr. Beck said.

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