Party Structure

The party structure is based on Australian Electoral Commission requirements and our current constitution. We are a grassroots party, borne from a crowdfunded campaign that closed in December 2103. Official federal registration paperwork was submitted in February 2014. We were officially recognised in August 2014.

The membership's feedback and involvement is central to how we run this party and why there is a party at all.    party-structure.png

Registration Roles

Required by the Australian Electoral Commission

  • Political Officer - PJ Collins
  • Party Agent - Daniel Whitely
  • Party Secretary - Nicholas Gledhill

 Operational Roles

Leader of the Party - Selected by the National Executive, primary spokesperson and contact for the Arts Party.

National Executive - A group of party members tasked with strategic and operational decision-making for the party on a day to day basis. Membership is revolving but always includes the political officer and party secretary. Representatives of state parties are also permanent members of the National Executive.  

The Brain Trust - Members who are recognised as contributing significantly to the ongoing growth and development of our party. Brain Trust members are routinely invited to Executive meetings to give feedback and updates.

Official candidates - Members who have been selected by the National Executive and State Executives to stand as official candidates of the Arts Party.  

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