Support for the Arts & Disability Partnership beyond 2015

I'm pleased to announce another campaign commitment around supporting disabled access to the Arts, supporting social inclusion and increasing the profile of NSW artists with disability.

The current partnership has been up and running for 4 years and provides support and investment in people and communities often overlooked in mainstream planning.

The serious concern is that this funding will be stopped after 2015 and I will advocate passionately for this not to happen.

I absolutely agree with the principles of the partnership:

  • People with a disability make significant contributions to arts and culture in NSW;
  • People with a disability should be able to live creative lives and their artistic aspirations and achievements should be a valued and visible part of our culture;
  • Participation in arts and cultural activities by people with a disability helps to expand creative and social networks and to create more socially inclusive and equitable communities;
  • People with a disability have a valued role in the workplace.

NSW, compared to other states, already has an excellent track record - let's keep building on that! The state government must commit for the next 5 years to guarantee support for this important initiative.

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