Terence Crawford



South Australian Senate Candidate

A little about me...I grew up in Newcastle, NSW, and have lived in Sydney, the Blue Mountains, southern France, Singapore and--for twelve years of my life, and currently--in Adelaide. I'm an actor (NIDA grad), acting teacher, director, playwright and academic (MCA on Chekhov; and PhD).

I want to be part of this great experiment to see whether we can shift the arts to a more central and respected place in the Australian cultural landscape. I've spent a lifetime dedicated to art. Art in fact saved my life, gave it direction and purpose. Although I've spent most of my career in the mainstream theatre, I want to advocate not only for the arts industry, but for art in education and for art in the community as a unifying, enlightening power.  

For me, this is not just about quantifiable achievements in the arts, it is also about bringing the intelligence, imagination and practicality of an artist to Australian political discourse. I want to make the simple argument that the people of South Australia would do well to send one artist to sit among the lawyers and unionists representing them in Canberra.

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